UK Clinical Vaccine Network Conference 2019

Bringing together and showcasing the work of the UK clinical vaccine community, to facilitate co-operation and collaborate on future challenges.

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Welcome to the UK Clinical Vaccine Network Conference 2019, a single day conference focusing on the future direction and challenges within the vaccine arena, and set to be the go-to annual conference for all those interested in vaccine development and use. The aim of the conference is to showcase the work of the UK clinical vaccine community and will be open to anyone who wants to learn more about vaccines. Topics covered will range from correlates of protection, adjuvants and novel delivery and AMR, through to global vaccines and vaccine acceptance. As part of the event we will also be holding a masterclass session for trainees and will have a plenary speaker talking about careers in vaccinology……… something for everyone! The inaugural Clinical Vaccine Network Conference will this year be held at the beautiful Wolfson College in Oxford, a fantastic location within the UK, currently a hive of vaccine research. A hot topic within the vaccine community is that vaccines may help slow down the development of antimicrobial resistance and offer solutions for those infections with limited antibiotic options. The UK Review on AMR recognised vaccines as a priority area and has highlighted the need to increase uptake of current vaccines and to develop new vaccines. Last month alone, the Department of Health and Social Care awarded £1 million to accelerate development of bacterial vaccines to tackle AMR. The conference has been established to showcase UK vaccine research such as this and will generate discussion on future research directions. So please register and join us in what promises to be the first of many exciting vaccine conferences. We look forward to welcoming you to the UK Clinical Vaccine Network Conference 2019!

Emilie Karafillakis

Emilie Karafillakis is a research fellow with the Vaccine Confidence Project, a research group led by Heidi Larson focused on studying global vaccine hesitancy, confidence and trust. Emilie has a background in public health, infectious disease control, and health systems and policies and is responsible for research in the European region. Her work focuses on understanding determinants of vaccine hesitancy and levels of confidence in vaccination in various population, including parents, adolescents, pregnant women, and healthcare workers. She is currently investigating public confidence in HPV vaccination, the role of social media in spreading concerns around vaccination, social media monitoring techniques, acceptance of Ebola vaccine trials, and communication strategies to improve confidence in vaccination.