UK Clinical Vaccine Network Conference 2020

Bringing together and showcasing the work of the UK clinical vaccine community, to facilitate co-operation and collaborate on future challenges.

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Due to ongoing uncertainties surrounding the current pandemic regulations, the faculty of CVNUK have decided to replace this year’s physical conference with an online webinar. It will feature a variety of talks, focusing largely on specific Covid-19 related topics.

The updated timetable of the day will be released closer to the time.

Emilie Karafillakis

Emilie Karafillakis is a research fellow with the Vaccine Confidence Project, a research group led by Heidi Larson focused on studying global vaccine hesitancy, confidence and trust. Emilie has a background in public health, infectious disease control, and health systems and policies and is responsible for research in the European region. Her work focuses on understanding determinants of vaccine hesitancy and levels of confidence in vaccination in various population, including parents, adolescents, pregnant women, and healthcare workers. She is currently investigating public confidence in HPV vaccination, the role of social media in spreading concerns around vaccination, social media monitoring techniques, acceptance of Ebola vaccine trials, and communication strategies to improve confidence in vaccination.